The European Thinkers’ Lab has three main goals which are

  1. to give young professionals and researchers a voice on the future of Europe
  2. to develop connections between the academia and society and
  3. to support inter-generational exchange between young (aspiring) and advanced researchers

Visions for Europe

To give young researchers (graduate and PhD students) the opportunity to share their visions for a better Europe in a well-researched, yet easily understandable way and to help them improve their research skills in exchange with each others and with professional researchers, the European Thinkers’ Lab will bring together young people from different parts in Europe.

Linking Academia and Society 

Throughout one year, a group of selected participants will work together in online and offline seminars to produce a final publication packed with thrilling visions on the future of Europe, presented in an easily understandable, popular style.

The final results will be presented and discussed during a closing conference. This conference aims to connect the young professionals of the European Thinkers’ Lab with more advanced experts from academia and politics.

Inter-Generational Approach

Young people are often over-looked in research and their ideas cannot find a proper audience. This means that a lot of visionary ideas are lost or cannot stand against the competition from better-known researchers. This project wants to bring young and advanced, professional researchers on one table.