The participation in the European Thinkers’ Lab will allow participants not only an in-depth analysis and debate of current European affairs, but will also train them in several areas. The European Thinkers’ Lab will give different skills to the participants which they can then use for their future academic and professional career.

Improving skills in Academic Research

Participants will receive online and offline trainings and instruction on academic methodology.
Participants will be individually supported by expert researchers with their prospective projects.

Following an English (Academic) Style Guide

Learning how to write in an academic, yet popular style. This aims in particular at none-native speakers of the English language.

Taking Teamwork seriously

The programme requires participants to team up for essays if their visions for Europe align. Research will be conducted in teams and the final essay will be a coproduction.
The final publication will be a common product in which contributors know (and can potentially reference and link) different essays.
The programme sets a special focus on the aspect of peer review and the development of a team spirit in the group.

Learning to be Convincing

Participants must initially coherently explain and potentially defend their visions and ideas in front of other participants.
The final conference will offer a unique opportunity for participants to present their visions to a wider public e.g. through the format of a TED-like talk.
The final conference will furthermore give the opportunity to discuss and defend the proposed ideas within the setting of (interactive) workshops and panel debates with experts.
Participants will receive trainings on presentation, rhetorical and public speaking skills.