The European Thinkers’ Lab aims at improving the skills of young researchers by giving them the experience to prepare, review and debate their own publication in a friendly, yet demanding environment. At the same time, the experience will help them to develop a sense of cooperation in the field of research and develop networks between a future generation of European thinkers.

Key structural elements for a lasting experience and impact

Commitment for six months allowing in-depth debate and analysis
Attractive mix of diverse methods, formats and trainings
Guaranteed outcome: Final publication and public debate

Participants of the European Thinkers Lab will be committed to the project for six months.
In these months, they will be instructed in academic methodology and research tools and receive thematic input concerning Polish-Franko-German cooperation and European integration more generally.

They will also have to work closely with each others to develop an exciting, coherent and high-quality publication and to prepare themselves for the final conference.