As the founders of the European Thinkers’ Lab we have diagnosed several problems which lay in the way of successful European integration. This includes a structural discrimination of young(er) participants from the professional discourse and debate, an enstrangement of academia (and with it of fact-based solutions) and society and many neglected proposals whose potential is not used while many new proposals are brought on the table which are similarily doomed to fail.

Coming from these challenges we have developed the European Thinkers’ Lab to offer sustainable solutions in these three areas:

Competition for new ideas obstructs in-depth brainstorming and neglects existing structures.
Enstrangement of Academia and Society is paired with decreasing appreciation for well-researched content in the general public.
Structural Discrimination and Exclusion of younger voices lead to an imbalance in the representation of society in public debates

Our focus lies more on the discovery of new angles/ frames to old challenges, than the development of entirely new structures.
Young researchers are trained to write in an accessible, popular style to present their results and visions.
Young researchers are given room and skills to develop their visions.

We will unfold the potential of neglected ideas by criticizing and reforming old, ill structures and networks.
The produced results will be disseminated to the broader public through online platforms, traditional media and civil society actors.
Throughout the project the European Thinkers’ Lab encourages and enables exchange between different generations of researchers.